What content of paulownia afforestation will be affected by climate?

Climate of the planting site

Catalog Climate in your planting site Remarks
Climate types To determine whether the paulownia could be planted or not and paulownia species which suitable for different climate types.
Season periods The climate type during a certain season period.
To determine the afforestation time for paulownia.
Air temperature Annual maximum and minimum temperature.
To determine whether the paulownia could grow or not and paulownia varieties.
Annual rainfall Expressed in mm.
To determine whether the paulownia could grow or not and adapted varieties.
Rainfall distribution Distribution of rainfall throughout the year.
Planning the afforestation time and improve the survival rate of trees planted.
Drought degree Drought degree and drought periods in the whole year.
To select drought-resistant varieties and formulate drought-resistance measures, improve the preservation rate of trees.
Sunshine time Time for planting site exposing in the sunshine in the whole year.
By which develop the afforestation program.
Harmful wind Distribution of harmful wind which above grade 8 in the planting site in the whole year.